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Camping Baia Paradiso





Thanks to the breeze that caresses the coast throughout the summer, the location of the
camping is ideal for those who love Kitesurfing and Windsurfing. In particular, the commercial of
Badesi is one of the best destinations in Northern Sardinia to practice Kitesurfing. Eight
kilometers of beach, where the perfect conditions are often created to get to
try this sport. Surfing and Kitesurfing lessons are also available with
professionals from the Badesi school. For surf lovers and enthusiasts,
summer ends in style with the contest "Li Junchi Longboard Fest", in which
admire the stunts of the best known names in world surfing.
The campsite collaborates with the established NorthShore Kite School.

It is possible to contact them on the website: to request all the
information about their Kitesurf, Stand Up Paddle, Windsurf and Surf courses a
very affordable prices.

Take advantage of the summer to learn a new exciting sport!




For cycling enthusiasts, the Badesi area offers numerous routes of
different nature and degree of difficulty. Within a radius of a few tens of kilometers,
we can find countless varieties of landscape, such as sea, plain,
mountain, river, lakes and valleys.

The management of the Camping will be pleased to provide you with some interesting itineraries, in
departure from the campsite towards the coast and the surrounding mountains.



A few kilometers from the campsite it is possible to enjoy the naturalistic beauty of the
mouth of the Coghinas river (SIC area) thanks to the "New Kayak Sardinia", which
organizes exciting river descents. The headquarters are located right at the mouth of the river,
a few km from the campsite.
The possibility of organizing river descents with three alternatives is offered

Route 1: Departure at the Casteldoria thermal baths - arrival at the mouth of the river (duration:
about 5-6 hours)

Route 2: Departure at the Baduboi bridge - arrives at the mouth (duration: about 2-3 hours)
Route 3: Departure from the old bridge - dam - return to the old bridge (duration:
about 4-5 hours)



Walking along the beach can be one of the most relaxing and beneficial activities for your body. At the Baia Paradiso campsite we are lucky enough to be able to offer one of the longest and wildest beaches in Sardinia.
A first itinerary of about 1 km winds from the campsite beach to the right, towards the Marina di Badesi. Continuing for another 2.5 km you can reach the end of the beach, in the area called Li Mindi. From here you take a path along the rocky coast of about 1.5 km, which leads to the charming town of Isola Rossa.
A second itinerary of about 3 km, which can be covered on foot, always starts from the campsite beach to the left, towards the Baia delle Mimose area.
The itinerary will be particularly appreciated by those who love nature and walk along the beach in solitude.
A third very fun but more demanding itinerary is the "Path of the dunes".
To reach the path just get to the top of the slope towards the beach and then climb the steep sand dune that you find on the left. From there starts a beautiful path about 3 km long, which first reaches the locality of Poltu Biancu and then continuing to the locality of Baia delle Mimose. Once you have reached your destination, we suggest you reward your efforts with an excellent aperitif at the spectacular Calypso Bar.



For prepared hikers we propose an interesting itinerary starting from the island
Rossa reaches the beach of Li Cossi and then Costa Paradiso. From the beach of the

Marinedda climbs a path that leads, along the coves and fjords, to
Punta Li Canneddi. From the tip of the promontory you can enjoy an excellent view of the
sea. The path continues on a path full of suggestive granite figures,
which reaches Cala Rossa. After crossing the beach, you enter a path,
which climbs among the Mediterranean scrub for a few km, up to the suggestive e
lonely beach of Tinnari. The path continues between the vegetation and the rocks e
always along the sea until the splendid Li Cossi beach set
between high ridges of red rock. From the beach you go up, through a flight of steps, to the
top of the rocky coast from which you continue in a panoramic and spectacular
trail to the village of Costa Paradiso. We advise you to equip yourself with
long pants and trekking shoes to move better in the scrub
Mediterranean and the rocks.