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Camping Baia Paradiso

Places Them Parisi

07030 Badesi (OT)

Tel. +39 334 3196320


EliCamp s.r.l. unipersonale - Via Roma 84/F - 25049 Iseo (BS)

P. IVA 03958590980 - R. E. A. (BS) 577255

With a capital of € 10,000.v.





Thanks to the breeze that blows throughout the summer, this location is ideal for those who love Kite surfing and Windsurfing. In particular, Badesi is one of the best places to Kitesurfing in North Sardinia. Eight kilometers of beach where often appear the perfect conditions to play this sport. Are also available: surfing and kitesurfing lessons with professionals in Badesi school. For fans of surfing, the summer ends with the contest “Li Junchi Longboard Fest”.



For Cycling enthusiasts, Badesi area, offers many itineraries with different degrees of difficulty. In a few kilometres you can find countless variety of landscape, sea, plain, mountain, river, valleys and lakes.

The Direction of the Camping will be pleased to provide you with some interesting routes starting from the campsite to the coast and the surrounding mountains.



You can enjoy the natural beauty of the mouth of the Coghinas river (area S. I. C.), thanks to the "New Kayak Sardinia", which organises cruises along the river Coghinas. The headquarters is located at the mouth of the river, just a few km from the camping.

We offer you the possibility to organize river cruises with three alternative routes:

Route 1: Departure from the thermal baths of Casteldaoria - arrival at the mouth of the river (duration: approximately 5-6 hours)

Route 2: Departure from the bridge of Baduboi - arrives at the mouth of the river (duration: about 2-3 hours)

Path 3: Starting at the old bridge - dam - back to the old bridge (duration: approximately 4-5 hours)



For hikers, we suggest the route from Isola Rossa to Costa Paradiso.

From La Marinedda Beach there is a trail that goes, along the cliffs, to Punta Li Canneddi. From the top of the headland there is an ekcellent view on the sea.

From here you can go on and reach Cala Rossa, a beautiful bay. Crossing the bay, going NE, you arrive to a cliff from where you can see Capo Testa.

Then you go on until the dune and, in NE direction, you'll find an highland that you can overcome. Discending toward the coast, on a white road, you reach a group of pitfalls called “The Elephants”. Along the way you'll meet a little building made of logs and rescued equipment, in which lives a young hermit. You can continue until Stazzo di Porto Leccio, a special house of a Shepherd. From here, always along the sea, you arrive to “Li Cossi” beach, that is crossed by a river.

From the beach you climb a staircase up to the dune and you take the trail. After 1 Km you arrive to Costa Paradiso.



Walking along the beach can be one of the most relaxing and beneficial experience for your body.  At camping Baia Paradiso we own one of the longest and wildest beaches of Sardinia.

A first route is about 1 km,  from the beach of the camping  in the direction of the Marina of Badesi. Those who love solitude may continue beyond, to visit the construction site of the Forest, walking in the green, and learn about the typical plants of the mediterranean area. Continuing again for 2,5 km, you can get to a small cliff outcropping from the sea. From here, after 1,5km walking,  you can reach the beautiful town of Isola Rossa.

A second route of about 4 km  starts from the beach of the camping in the direction of Baia delle Mimose. The route will be particularly appreciated by those who love nature and walking along the beach in solitude.

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